While I love movies, when it comes to making them, I much prefer the editing process than the actual filming.

What if GYC Didn’t Exist?

Faced with the uncertainty of the future of the Grassroots Youth Collaborative (an incredible organization that I got to work with for my Humber internship), we got together to discuss what it would mean to us if GYC ceased to exist.

First Year Experience Promo Video

I loved working with Humber’s First Year Experience Program as a Senior Peer Mentor. I loved it so much that I decided to use it as the basis for my final videography project.

Grassroots Youth Collaborative #YelltheTruth Contest Submission

While I was at GYC as an intern, I shot and edited our submission to YouthREX’s #YelltheTruth campaign. Just over a year later, I was spearheading the campaign as a full time employee with YouthREX!

GYC Mentorship Program

This video highlighted the many benefits of GYC’s successful mentorship program. I edited the video and created the graphics, using footage from another GYC member.

Green Screen Assignment

This video will give you an insight in my sense of humour. It involved using a green screen and was an assignment for Humber College.

Location Storytelling Assignment

Perhaps another glimpse into my sense of humour, as well as my family. This video features my mum and pets to tell a short story.