Here are some writing samples featuring articles, blog posts, newsletters, and more from the past few years.


Get Out the Vote! Young People as a New “Political Force”

An article I wrote for YouthREX’s eXchange online library blog about the changes to youth politics in Canada’s last election.


In the News: Federal Transgender Legislation

Another blog post for the eXchange responding to Transgender legislation in both Canada and the United States. For our “In the News” blogs, it was about responding to issues in real time, which is writing that I love doing.


CES Spotlight: Next Gen Men

This was part of a series of blogs I wrote for YouthREX, each spotlighting an awesome organization we worked with. It was a super fun project for me.


African Geography: More Than Just a Category on Jeopardy

An article I submitted to Goway Travel’s Globetrotting blog about how the hysteria surrounding ebola affected the travel industry.


Changing Privilege from an Excuse to a Reason

A blog post featuring my reflections and learnings about entering the Toronto youth sector as a young, white woman – what I thought, learned, experienced and more.


Genghis Khan the Globetrotting Conquerer

This article, for Goway Travel’s quarterly magazine, about Genghis Khan’s conquering exploits and the growth of his empire.


Intentional Program Design

At YouthREX, one of my jobs is to watch our webinars and break down the content into manageable factsheets. For more information on this webinar about Intentional Program Design, click here


Humber First Year Experience Newsletter

As a Senior Peer Mentor at Humber, I was responsible for editing, designing, and contributing to a monthly newsletter informing students about what was going on in our program.


Lest we forget what we don’t even know

This article featured in the Xaverian Weekly, my university’s newspaper. It includes a brief history of St.FX’s contributions to the World Wars.